A day where your parents appreciate each other 🥰
Steve I bought you a gift for appreciation day

Rachel I bout you a god aswelll

Thank you I love you
by Government I August 14, 2019
a day to appreciate kaeya!! you might be wondering..what day exactly? well every day you dummy! kaeya is our love, kaeya is our air that we breath, kaeya is our food and water that we need to survive, kaeya is our language. kaeya is our life. love kaeya. worship kaeya. appreciate kaeya.
hey do you know what day it is?
it’s kaeya appreciation day. idiot.
by specialkinwork March 5, 2021
A day celebrating those named "Esther". Friends of an Esther shall shower Esther with multiple gifts namely thoughtful ones. See Love and Affection.
Dang, tomorrow is Esther Appreciation Day, i hope Esther likes the Tiffany necklace I bought her.
by YourFellowCitizenn July 10, 2014
April 22nd. A day for marveling at the beauty of narwhals, ancestors of unicorns.
Stephanie: "Guess what today is!"
Sarah: "Friday?"
Stephanie: "Narwhal Appreciation Day!"
by HollyHeywood November 3, 2011
Ayeee ladies , We needa get some confidence in our selfs or show the world we DONT care what they think we LOVE our bodies so this is the day to spam and appreciate!
Girl 1:Hey it’s body appreciation day!
Girl 2:what’s that?
Girl 1: it the day for women have confidence in their selfs
Girl 2:wow so how do you celebrate?
Girl 1:well you could spam your self on ig sc and more!
by A Girl Who Made A Holiday July 27, 2019
Ben appreciation day is about bens being swag and cool
by Androcult March 25, 2021