A risingly popular Furry species which looks like a cyborg dragon without wings. According to winnie on Furry Amino, "Protogens were all born alongside each other, have similar markings and fur colours, and they all have names based on different coding languages."

Source: aminoapps.com/page/furry-amino/1744903/protogen-fursona-species-info
Steven: "Hey, what species is your fursona?"
Ryan: "It's a Protogen."
by Káz Namano July 23, 2017
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They are artificial beings (with biological bits and pieces) that are tasked with a multitude of things across the universe. They have a very raptor-like appearance and are mostly machine – however, aspects of them still seem to be organic/biological. They have visors as faces that display their emotions…and they are EXPENSIVE!

They can be extremely lewd at times.
Glitch, the Protogen display turned into the "\(-^-)/" as he threw his hand up in frustration.
by Majime January 07, 2019
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cyborgs with working organs and shit
p1:hey from where did you get that kidney
by protomos October 21, 2021
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It's means you're a furry beta male degen who also thinks there favourite furry character is hot
P1: Hi I think this fursona is hot

P2: eww you're a beta the protogen
by NathanielPowas April 14, 2021
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the one person who keeps protogens in glass jars, and let's them out once in a while to play real-life Among Us
Only one person I know knows The Protogen Keeper
by Keppo (◍•ᴗ•◍) May 31, 2021
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protogen appreciation day is an event that occurs on February 27th of any year.
Person 1: i appreciate you my protogen friend
Protogen: happy beeping
Person 2: happy Protogen Appreciation Day
by jasoncreates9 January 17, 2021
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