Theist: Believe in Jesus and reform your sinful life! God will throw you in hell!
Atheist: No, religion is a mental disease!

Apatheist: Hey guys, try apatheism. It's very nice. You won't have to care about this issue!
by fuzzydrinks July 6, 2009
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it means "heartless" in greek, based on the book "The Song of Achilles"
by aya. March 28, 2021
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the act of being apart but still together.
Mary-Jane says: Omg are those two still together? I thought they broke up?
Rudberth says: Yes they are broken up but they still hang out together...they're APATHER
by eduardscissorhands January 26, 2010
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apathism is a new way to live much as relativism is a way to live. It is a way of living where nothing which concerns you, bothers you. Its for people who are better than everybody else and know it.

Often apathist(s) are extremely irritated by people with enthusiasm. Its a superior way of being.
John: 'Omg margot slept with conor and derek last night!!'
James: 'So margot?'
John: 'shes a slut!'
James: 'That doesnt concern me at all, i live by apathism. Your wasting your time caring about that.'
by tlazolteotl November 4, 2008
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n, a combination of apathy and hatred

v, to feel both hatred and complete apathy towards someone at the same time
I wish I could not care, but I still hate him. Maybe I apathate him.
by wordagriculture December 19, 2010
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-to actively show no interest in something, or anything
-the act of intentional attention failure
-to not care
It's normal for people to empathize with those in trouble, but all he does is apathize when someone else is struggling.
by Northerner in the south August 5, 2011
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The act of being apathetic--having no motivation, no desires and no goals.
After failing out of college, Edward spent the next twelve years apathing in his mother's basement.

I was planning to go hiking last weekend, but ended up apathing instead.
by Rick Derriere October 14, 2011
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