1.)A way to start a conversation after a long silence or pause.
2.) A way to imply that you would like to change the subject during conversation, usually after an awkward statement or after the conclusion of a conversation.
3.) A way to prevent someone from speaking, usually to avoid a conflict or to prevent revealing or embarrasing information to be presented.
1.) "Anywho... how's your cat doing?"
2.) -"Where were you? you're an hour late!"
-"I'm late? You were supposed to meet
me down at the starbucks across the
street, not at this one!"
by thewolvesarewatching October 27, 2008
Anyway let’s move on or as I were saying
Anywho, before I was so rudely interrupted, I bought these jeans at Lord and Taylor’s.
by Platinum Diamond Doll November 10, 2020
This word defines a state of mind one feels kinda sorta like a "Brain-Fart"
"OMG Duh...Oh yeah "Anywho" where was I?" or "Oh and.."um Anywho"..that's right I was saying"
by Shelley Jo March 31, 2013
To have your time wasted in conversation. To be Teagued in a fruitless conversation.
I was "anywhoed" by Kate on the car ride to Louisville.
by Elbert 311 May 7, 2018
Basically, a word inès hasn’t said in so long
I: .. Anywho, it’s getting late, i should probably go..
R: Yeah, I’ll walk you home!
by Therealdaddyshome September 9, 2022