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A beautiful girl who is quirky weird and just an all around fun person
Anyecia is such and amazing person.”
by UnknownWeirdGirly04 May 10, 2018
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A very intelligent, cute, HOT, and a little shy. But once you get to know her, she's funny and a overall lovable person. She makes you smile everyday and you should respect that. If you have an Anyecia in her life, tell her she's unique / one of a kind / and the best person you'll ever have. If you love her, then thats a personal problem. Anyecias don't go out on dates like girl girls do but if she does, then good luck buddy!. Anyecia has alot of nicknames and sometimes gets tired of some and still makes more. That's how you know she's special af. Treat her like she treats you. And try not to lose her, because once you do, you'll regret it!
Guy 1: Did you see Anyecia today?
Girl 1: Yeah! I love her styles, she wears good things everyday!
Girl 2: IKR!! She can wear some of my clothes and still look hot!

Girl 3: Bitch... I want to be Anyecia so bad.
Girl 2 & 1: Ugh I know!!!
by DreamyDelilah <33 December 06, 2018
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