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Anycia is from the greek orgin meaning "complete". Many times giving to the first born child you in many cultures represents the family as a whole. She is an old soul who as a mothers flare. She is a care taker and and is very understanding and non judgmental. however once she preachs her opinion on the matter and one betrays her trust or is out rightly stupid in harming someone or them selves she loses patience and will detach her self. She can be a bit loud but all is withh good in tentions. watch out tho she is a master story teller and can be quite the manipulater, but she mainly use her powers for good and to help. she ia a well rounded person with goods and bads.. Shes a loyal friend and a silent enemy.
Anyciacalled me out of school today so i could finish my project.
by -NF December 29, 2007
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