OMG you’re so pretty, are you born March 1? well the people that are born on March 1 are pretty, loyal, and hard to get
This is an example

I’m born on March 1st
by It’s.churboo December 6, 2019
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A smart, funny, loveable, wholesome and trustworthy person is always born on March 1st.
Since you were born on March 1st, I just know you're amazing.
by 190278538anonymous March 8, 2021
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March 1st is the best day of the whole month. Wanna know why..? ..cause it’s my birthday 😌 anywayyy wassup my fellow pisces ♓️
1st person: dude it’s *******’* birthday!
2nd person: holy fuck it is!!

( they both text ******* happy birthday )
it’s march 1st in 3 days :))
by weasleytwinssimp February 26, 2021
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If you know someone born on this day then CONGRATS because they’re are the best people. Sweet, kind, generous...all the good qualities
Person: it’s my friends birthday tomorrow what should get him
Me: omg that’s March 1st he must be the best person
by Lolzarefun November 2, 2019
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March 1st is national ass grab day.
Its march 1st! You know what time it is. Free pass to grab ass! .
by Suckmyass_.a October 22, 2019
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March 1st is where you can ask your partner to do anything as long as you’re shorter than them.
I asked my partner for a hug on March 1st since i’m shorter than them.
by 3z! February 20, 2022
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