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The black guy that looks scrawny but in reality will carve you up in a couple clean lines.
The little white boy tried to fuck with Antonio Brown and died.
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1.A fucking legend 2. Top 1 WR in the NFL
Hey pete you heard about Antonio Brown? *PETE*oh yea, doesn't that mean hes a Legend
by Ndmfnnff June 30, 2018
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The biggest little bitch in NFL history.
Example 1
Bob: Wanna know something funny? Antonio Brown tweeted “Keep your emotions off the internet” and then verbally attacked JuJu for no reason.
John: Wow, he must really be jealous about not winning Team MVP. He’s still not over it?

Example 2
JuJu is lit, Antonio Brown ain’t shit.
by JuJuIsTheGoat April 08, 2019
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