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Antonin a very cute and attractive guy that girls love to be around. Not someone you can easily trust, known to break many promises.

Often has anger issues and an attitude problem
Loves loves loves sports and is a very caring and generous guy
Antonin is the most cutest and kind hearted guy, not loyal but is very amazing
by Not loyal April 17, 2017
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He is a handsome, caring, loyal and a generous human being. Antonin is his own person, he is strong and no one can force him into doing anything that he doesn’t want to do. He may be oblivious at first but after a period of time he becomes very observant.

He has a great heart and is very into sports, very athletic himself. He may get angry but he cools down quick and works things out, though this happens he is usually quite level headed and understanding. Antonin is real, no matter what happens or who it is he stands up for what is right.

He has a good head in his shoulders and is very hard working. If You have an Antonin in your life You are very Lucky, because people like him don’t come around very often.
Was Superman’s actual name Antonin?

Antonin is a real gentleman!
by UnderestimatedStrength February 06, 2018
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