He is a handsome, caring, loyal and a generous human being. Antonin is his own person, he is strong and no one can force him into doing anything that he doesn’t want to do. He may be oblivious at first but after a period of time he becomes very observant.

He has a great heart and is very into sports, very athletic himself. He may get angry but he cools down quick and works things out, though this happens he is usually quite level headed and understanding. Antonin is real, no matter what happens or who it is he stands up for what is right.

He has a good head in his shoulders and is very hard working. If You have an Antonin in your life You are very Lucky, because people like him don’t come around very often.
Was Superman’s actual name Antonin?

Antonin is a real gentleman!
by UnderestimatedStrength February 6, 2018
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Antonin is a gorgeous, antisocial, tall, well educated guy with beautifull hands. He looks insensitive, but inside he is warm and loving. He hasn't got a mercedes, but a bike. Antonin loves his bike as much as he loves his phone, guitar and his home. This guy takes care of his family and friends with much love. He isn't into this bitch from university and he will kick anybody's ass for his girlfriend, and he will kick his girlfriends ass too if she isn't good.
Antonin is one hot successful guy!
by peppp April 8, 2017
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man who gets friendzoned twice in the same year by the same person.
Ohhhh i just got Antonined
by lanoj le bricoleur April 5, 2017
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Antonin a very cute and attractive guy that girls love to be around. Not someone you can easily trust, known to break many promises.

Often has anger issues and an attitude problem
Loves loves loves sports and is a very caring and generous guy
Antonin is the most cutest and kind hearted guy, not loyal but is very amazing
by Not loyal March 14, 2017
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Antonin Scalia, judge of the United States Supreme Court, conspirator in a judicial coup d'etat that subverted American democracy by appointing G.W. Bush to the presidency in 2000.

See: Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. (2000)
William Rehnquist, Sandra Day O'Connor, Clarence Thomas, Anthony Kennedy, and Antonin Scalia (Scalia, Antonin) are all to blame.
by Figleaf23 September 4, 2007
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Italian Justice who is perhaps the most conservative one on the Supreme Court. He's a god-fearing Bible thumping Christian (translate as "idiot" or "superstitious zealot") who voted against gay rights and frequently denounces abortion as "evil". Apparently very close friends with Dick Cheney, even going so far as to take a hunting trip with the man and later insisting to sit in on a trial of his claiming to be "impartial".
Much like Bill O'Reilly he frequently rambles and shouts and acts tough but as soon as he starts getting his ass handed to him like the moron he is he tries to shut them up. Most recently he fought to keep "under God" in the Pledge because this is a "nice wholesome Christian nation."

On a side note, there's a nifty little thing called The Fourth Amendment which guarantees a right to privacy so long as you're not doing anything "bad."
"Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Although according to Scalia, this doesn't apply to gay men because they're "sinful" and no justification is needed other than that.

The ninth is also worthy of notice:

"Amendment IX

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."
by JFern May 15, 2004
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An ugly ass school that is boring af ..... DO NOT ATTEND THIS SHITHOLE PLZ .... a lot of dickheads at this school
by HUMANNNNNN November 1, 2017
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