A popular korean Endless running game with a good ass art style and community and it fun to play
"hey have you ever played cookie run before it's best game ever"
by Okeys March 3, 2019
a game made by a Korean studio called “Devsisters”. while the game has many spin-offs, the main game is cookie run: ovenbreak which started in 2015
Have you tried cookie run?

Yeah it’s really fun!
by February 20, 2022
Cookie Run has 4 games, but if you exclude the old version, you get 3 games.
The games that are in here are:
2009 Ovenbreak
Puzzle World
and don't forget the popular:
Friend: Do you know Cookie Run Kingdom?
You: What is Cookie Run Kingdom?
Friend It's that game on tiktok try it out or kys
You: oh
by josah December 16, 2021
some random game series with 3 games named Cookie Run: Kingdom, Cookie Run: OvenBreak, and Cookie Run: Puzzle World, released some time in January 2021 made by DevSisters.
by Devin_DN November 7, 2021
the first side is a game that you have a cookie to do everything AND the thirsty simps
do you have an epic cookie in cookie run?
by idk(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ December 16, 2021
literally the worst fucking game known to man. the fandom is shit and full of 10 year olds, and the game itself is a shame to society. If i saw the cookies on my phone i would throw it into a fire and move to an off grid property in Alaska just to be far away from the game and its fanbase.
hey dude, wanna play cookie run?”
by analtumors58 December 31, 2022
good game
great art style
bad fandom
horrible simps
person 1 ¨ï play cookie run kingdom¨
person 2 ¨ï hate the fandom¨
person 1 ¨same¨
by jimmy_mom:D January 5, 2022