It describes a situation which has a fancy climax but with a simple ending. For example, if an author spend a whole page writing how he/she struggled to catch the fish and say in the end, "then I let the fish go," them it is anticlimactic.
The ending of this movie was very anticlimactic.
by Little Mushroom November 27, 2015
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something that causes disapointment
the even was very anticlimactic
by pudding11 April 26, 2006
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the opposite of building to a climax. instead, making potentially rising ideas and energy steady, or falling.

relating to a person's tone of voice; sounding dull, less enthusiastic, or normal tone in cases of excitement.
Sarcasm would be an example of being anticlimactic.

"Oh WOW! that sounds soooo...exciting..."
"That was sure anti-climactic"
by BRL~BP October 28, 2009
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A dull or disappointing ending or result.
Mike: I'll get the last kill of the round!
*kills an enemy*
*game ends*
Mike: That was anticlimactic.
by agreensnowman June 17, 2014
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Series of events having unimpressive ending
A: Have you seen game of thrones finale?
B: Yeah.
A: What do you think of it?
B: It was anticlimactic.
by BreaktheWhee...series May 20, 2019
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"O Ashlea, this being your last day has been so anticlimactal"
"Roar" said the Aticlimactal
by Jess Fleety July 04, 2018
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