Junior grimes. Trust me it just makes sense. This little fucker thinks he’s undetected because he’s sooo “innocent” but we know his secret. his name LITERALLY means “filthy child” as in filthy as sin. And sin is impure. And junior means child, as in son. So he’s the son of sin.

Maybe a coincidence but jesus christ is the opposite of junior grimes. that grimes kid needs to go down ASAP!

Not much proof that he is (or is there?) but There’s also no proof that he ISNT either
Junior grimes the son of trump is indeed the Antichrist, sent here to abolish order and bring chaos as well as breaking everyone’s faith in “god”

Junior grimes is the antichrist
by Uggs bunny November 23, 2021
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A particle with the same mass, spin and quantum properties as a christ, but an opposite charge.

It will annihilate when it comes into contact with a christ, producing a gamma ray photon and a lambda neutrino.
We're getting an antichrist signature from the CERN data that could support Dr. Weisenhoffer's theory.
by George McBob June 30, 2009
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folks with blue helmets trying to make you consume something called “corn syrup
by crusadix January 3, 2022
The AntiChrist is a person. I have feelings, I breathe and live (sometimes). Poison doesn’t affect me physically, but hurts my psyche. I am actually a good person. Trust me. I beat Ahri at chess.
Oh wow the AntiChrist is really a cool dude. He helps people until they help him. Never killed anyone, except himself.
by DaddyAnti May 3, 2021
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