SCP stands for either Special Containment Procedures or Secure, Contain, Protect, which is the SCP Foundations Motto.
The SCP Foundation is a large organization specializing in containment of anomalous creatures or objects to protect mankind and to study them to create scientific breakthroughs.

They have many different Facilities and containment areas across the world, most of them specializing in containing certain types of anomalous creatures or objects.

There are 3 main classes of SCPs, Safe, meaning that the object is either mostly harmless, easily contained or both. Euclid, objects or creatures that are dangerous, have an unknown movement pattern or have some other effect. These aren't as easy to contain as Safe class SCPs, but aren't as hard to contain as Keter class SCPs. Keter, meaning that the object is dangerous to mankind, has powerful mind-control abilities, can cause an XK Class End-Of-The-World Event, can cause a ZK Class Reality Failure event, can extremely rapidly reproduce or regenerate, or have other extremely dangerous effects. These types of SCPs are extremely hard to contain.

Anomalous Items or Creatures that are not dangerous or anomalous enough to be an SCP are known as Anomalous Items.
Site 19 is a secure facility used by the Foundation. This is the largest containment Site they currently have.

SCP-914 is a Safe class SCP. If an item is placed into it, it produces an item and the original item placed into it is either lost, or modified. It has 5 settings, Rough, which usually dismantles and destroys items. Coarse, dismantles item. 1:1, gives an item of similar make or worth. Fine, which usually produces a better item, however, slight anomalous properties have been documented. Very Fine, items created are usually of Anomalous Properties. Item is potentially dangerous, however extremely easily contained and protected.

SCP-173 is an Euclid class SCP. It is a concrete, rebar sculpture that moves when not looking at it. When it gets close to a human or otherwise living creature, SCP-173 will snap it's neck and kill it, or attempt to. It is dangerous and hostile, and can move through vents, but can be contained fairly easily by putting it in a containment chamber, although Containment Breaches involving it have happened before.

SCP-682, a Keter Class SCP. It is an extremely large reptilian creature that is extremely hard to damage, regenerates at extremely fast rates and can adapt to most situations by either becoming immune to the thing hat is damaging it, or using it's abilities. It is extremely hostile towards humans and animals and is almost impossible to contain.
by Sdaerf. November 18, 2013
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Secure Contain Protect
The SCP Foundation

Essentially a fucking government funded day care for anomalous entities, the majority of which will rip you to shreds the second you take your eyes off them or don't give them naptime. The little shits are bound to escape (breach containment) at any moment of any day and might just cause the end of the world (I wish) if they just try hard enough.

Did I mention there are THOUSANDS of these fuckers they have to keep situated?
"Damn that SCP Foundation! Wastin' my taxpayer money on those damn Sasquatches!"
"Grandpa what is that? The S..PC thing?"
"Well I..." (Class A Amnestics kick in)
"Well... well I'll be darned. Mr. Trump's on TV talkin' bout buildin a wall! Turn that shit up, Maggie!"
by legtime February 9, 2019
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Something that doesn't exist, nothing suspicious is going on anywhere. Just ignore everything they tell you
Guy1: Hey what's an SCP
You: It's a-
Agent: It doesn't exist, nothing suspicious is going on
by True I March 12, 2020
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Secure. Contain. Protect.

Special Containment Procedures
It is the motto of The SCP Foundation, which keeps supernatural entities or objects from affecting normal human life.
The classes -
Safe: Can be contained easily.

Euclid: Abnormal entities or objects that can be contained easily following specific orders.
Keter: Requires extremely specific containment procedures, and are difficult to contain effectively.
Thaumiel: Are capable of and in some cases actually used by the Foundation to contain and/or counter-act other SCPs, usually Keter ones.
SCP 173 is a creepy looking statue.
by ValarDohaeris August 4, 2015
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Person 1: hey heard of the scp foundation? I love that picture of 096!
Person 2: Why am i hearing screaming?
Person 1: *dies*
Person 2: oh hello, you have a nice fac- *dies*
by deto53 February 6, 2021
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Secure Contain Protect . SCP is a large organization created to keep 'creatures' from affecting human life. The current location of SCP Foundation is currently unknown and is said to be in Area 51. Safe (non-harmful), Euclid (unknown species and hard to classify), and Keeter (harmful to human life) 'beings' exist and are said to not leave anyone of the organization camps around the world. There are said to be currently 5000 SCP Creatures around the world and have yet to be found.
SCP-106 is also named as Old Man and is located in the category under Keeter. NO PERSONNEL would every enter it's containment as it is corrosive and kills it's subject once seen.
by Dr. Kuraba July 15, 2012
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Some spoiled a.s sloppy bois who gonna rip u apart when you don't give them some stupid thing
by NuUbMaStEr69ShReKwAsOwSkI July 14, 2019
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