It’s National Start Dating The Person Who Likes You Back Month!
Best Friend: Look it’s your crush!
Girl: And?
Best Friend: It’s National Start Dating The Person Who Likes You Back Month!
Girl: What’s that mean?
Best Friend: That means that during the Whole Month of November, whoever likes you back, AKA your crush, is the person you should try to start dating!
Girl: Okay!
*walks up to crush*......
by I’m a fish in a bucket November 28, 2019
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All november you have to cuddle with your special someone
Cuddle month november- showing love and affection by snuggling up close you your special person
by Ava Marie October 14, 2019
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In the month of november, you get to touch every girls boobs. The reason for that is because the boys needs a light in the dark of no nut november.
Dont touch my boobs (Girl), But International boob month (November) (Boy)
by jkmommy October 1, 2020
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You dress like different memes everyday of the month
Ima be peppa pig on day 1 MEMEEEEEEE MONTH Meme month in November
by Cheyennelove_40 October 17, 2019
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The beggining of November marks the start of a global event called No Nut November. In order to pass this one hell of a task you shall not Nut or Cum.But few are known to have succeeded.
by M1sterSh1tter9000 November 28, 2021
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