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a town in the northern virginia/fairfax/dc area commonly referred to as koreatown because of the many numerous korean stores, restaurants, and karaeoke bars, not to mention the many korean people. koreatown, however, is in what they call fake-me-out annandale, because real annandale is out by the NOVA campus, where the N stands for nowledge. The high schools in the area are Thomas Jefferson, more commonly known as TJ, and Annandale, more commonly known as A-town.
Korean TJ Student: so where do you live?
Annandale TJ Student: Annandale.
Korean TJ Student: Uhh... where?
Annandale TJ Student: you know... koreatown?
Korean TJ Student: OHHHHH so you live in fake-me-out annandale! OK then!!!
by Kay the Bee November 03, 2006
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located amongst Fairfax, Springfield, and Alexandria in the gorgeous Northern Virginia territory. sometimes referred to as "actiondale." really just the coolest place on earth. so get over it.
-I'm from Annandale.
-Oh wow, Actiondale?!
by the dale May 14, 2006
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The most boring town on earth in virginia. It is full of hella stupid people or hella smart people. there is no in between. Most people who were raised there want to get the hell out before you rot. If you like stupidale, I mean annandale, then your crazy!
Friend: where are you from?
You: I'm from annandale
Friend: we are not friends anymore.
by FUCK!ILiveInAnnandale. January 01, 2012
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