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very similar to lebanon, nj. annandale is in hunterdon, county, and a bunch of wealthy people live there. it's mostly a bunch of white kids who throw parties all the time since their parents actually think that they're perfect children. annandale and lebanon have some of the best schools in the country, such as north hunterdon high school which has the best teachers in the country. some of the graduates have lived on to be some of the brightest people in the entire world. but not everyone here is smart. some of them are just sluts or druggies who sit around not doing any work while partying. their parents probably have loads of fun looking after them.
Annandale, NJ is very similar to Lebanon, because they are right next to each other. This town has a ton of rich kids but also geniuses. Great combination, right? It's not always fair that the rich kids turn out rich because of their brains.
by ~idkmybffjill~ September 04, 2011

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