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A small liberal arts college in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, 90 miles north of New York City, aka the middle of nowhere. Bard is known as one of the most liberal schools in America, and it's easy to see why, as most of the kids who go there are artists stoners, hippies, hipsters, atheists, or vegans.
It's a good school, and mostly everyone is very nice, but it's very obscure, and you probably haven't heard of it.
Artsy dude: I got accepted to Bard College!
Someone else: Where is that?
Artsy dude: It's too obscure, I can't tell you!
by afeyfey August 26, 2012
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The college was originally founded under the name St. Stephen's, in association with the Episcopal church of New York City, and changed its name to Bard in 1934 in honor of its founder, John Bard. While the college remains affiliated with the church, it pursues a far more secular mission today. Between 1928 and 1944, Bard/St. Stephen's operated as an undergraduate school of Columbia University. Bard/St. Stephen's ties with Columbia were severed when Bard became a fully coeducational college.
By the 1930s, Bard had become atypical among US colleges in that it had begun to place a heavy academic emphasis on the performing and fine arts. During that time, a substantive examination period was introduced for students in their second year, as well as what the dean at the time called the "final demonstration." These two periods would come to be known as Moderation and Senior Project, respectively.

For the class of 2012, 25% of applicants were accepted, while the median SAT and ACT scores for matriculating students were 1330 (math plus verbal) and 30, respectively. Fifty-four percent of matriculating students ranked in the top 10% of their high school class out of 44% of students who reported their ranking.The Princeton Review rated Bard a 96 out of 99 in its selectivity rating, and US News & World Report categorized Bard as "most selective."The class of 2011 represent 38 states and 46 different countries.
However, Bard has a high hipster population.
Hipster: What is truth?
Other person: Oh my God, stop being so Bard College.
by tirnadaeloenoรซt March 29, 2010
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A school for artsy fucks who like to maintain the notion that they go to a highly regarded liberal arts institution. Textbooks at Bard are used primarily as surfaces to rail lines of coke from. The college itself is in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere. This is disregarded by many, as it is on the east coast, and thus "hip". 98% of Bard graduates go on to live in Brooklyn and "work in the arts".
A: Hey, man, I'm thinking about applying to Bard College.
B: I couldn't willingly approve of your decision and still call myself your friend. I met two Bard fucks named Jakee and Izaak who seemed like total dick-bags, and good representations of the school itself. Picture, if you will, the epitome of hipster: Tight pants, loves Beach House, is "in a band", and loves to "make art" (not any art of high high esteem, mind you. (think print-making)).
by kok'n'ballz December 11, 2009
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