Dude, stop calling my celly asking me for Xanax! Don't you know the fucking pigs are tapping my phone? Next time, just say you need to hang out with anna nicole smith, ya doofus. Save that overly obvious telephone terminology for when you're calling a sketch pad.
by Lârry Dângüs, esq. May 22, 2009
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died yesterday 8. feb 2007. we STILL dont know what killed her. medies think drugs, pills or suicide.. the queen of bad selfasteem as well as good.

not surprising then.. just a question when
hey you know anna nicole smith died yesterday ?

YEAHH but i wonder why!
by ripanna February 9, 2007
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someone who has 2 names in case she forgets one of them
Anna Nicole Smith went totally wacko at the MTV awards
and even started stripping
by LINDAR June 2, 2006
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Anna was a beautiful vivacious soul with some serious baggage. The lovely guess model was lucid, coherant, and sweet. She had a difficult time coping with her problems. She turned to drugs and alcohol. Eventually her addictions to drugs and alcohol consumed her life. She became a public spectacle. People viewed her as a joke. She was never really able to completly clean up her act. She died with negativity surrounding her name. What a shame.
by Joy Joy February 13, 2007
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found dead in her hotel room on february 8th, 2007
"hey wtf happened to that crazy blonde bitch, anna nicole smith?"
"who cares?"
by mashayekhi February 9, 2007
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