Someone who is not a nice person. Someone who does not value human life and has no problem calling for the murder of other human beings. Someone who is a fascist bitch and pig who kissed George Bush's ass and calls it ice cream.
Ann Coulter gives fascists and Nazis a bad name.
by jesster79 January 28, 2006
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If satan and skeletor had a baby and then that baby took shit then that shit vomited. You still not have something as vile and disgusting as ann coulter. Also applies to Glenn Beck.
"Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims." From the insane mind of Ann Coulter
by hahaha idiot November 03, 2011
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like her face, the words and ideas that come out of her mouth are, for the most part, repulsive and disgusting. i like to think of her as the paris hilton of politics - ie; the only reason she's really famous is because she does/says crazy and outrageous things. there is a reason she gets booed off stages and chased away from podiums with pies. (psst...it's because she's a cold heartless bitch)
ann coulter is crazy.
by vith20 June 23, 2006
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Karl Rove's burlesque-show whore

Speaks poison to unwitting neoconservatives.

The floozy whose dispicability unites both Liberals and Moderate Conservatives. Thank you Miss Coulter.
Ann Coulter is the ugly face of the neoconservatives.
by El_Haggis September 08, 2006
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A Rush Limbaugh wannabe. A highly conservative bitch who dresses like a hooker, and writes about her view that all liberals are evil (there's bad liberals, sure, but there's a slew of bad conservatives, too), and bashes the likes of Bill Clinton and other liberals... and she supports her fellow anti-Equal Rights crusader, Phyllis Schlafly. Both of these women need some major counseling... and a good whack in the face.
Anita Bryant- bad
Ann Coulter- evil
Bill O' Reilly- evil
Condolezza Rice- bad
George W. Bush- evil
Mel Gibson- bad
Rush Limbaugh- evil
by Lorelili May 25, 2005
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One ANGRY transsexual. Makes a pile of money from spewing venom all over anyone and anything disagreeing with her Hitlerian world views. That she is so rich for spreading so much hate is proof that there is no God. Or at least no JUST God.
Ann Coulter: An adams apple means nothing!
by Right Wing-Leftist November 02, 2006
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