One you would consider a very primitive life form. A person without principles or morals. A useless person. Lower than wood tick and perhaps silghtly higher than whale shit.
By her recent official actions one might conclude that she is only slightly better than pond scum.
by sidelock October 24, 2004
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Worst possible word or phrase you can call a person. To be pond scum is be worse than any curse you can dream up. Pond scum is the shit of humanity. The worst of the worst and nothing can get any lower than this. Pedophiles, rapists and any kinds of abusers would be worthy of this title.
Rehmeyer was considered pond scum after abusing children and women.
by lgt January 19, 2008
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What's the lowest thing you can think of? Pond scum! What could be the answer to the energy crisis? Pond scum! Turns out that algae (pond scum) is an excellent source of vegetable oil, which can be turned into bio-diesel and used in place of petroleum based diesel fuel. What a bargain!

1st person: Hey, let's start an algae farm and get in on the pond scum business before it even starts!

2nd person: Huh? WTF?!
by wichita May 7, 2008
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A worthless, non respectable human being. One might say “a shitty” person. Can be described as an ignorant person from California, Calabases to be more specific.
That kid from California, jack? He is pond scum!”
by Fieldsgoodchicken November 10, 2020
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Very similar to Mud Butt however the bowel movement is green.
Dude I shouldn't have eaten that blue raspberry candy last night. I had some wicked pond scum at work.
by Long Ironside August 19, 2009
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An asshole who probably has brunette hair who smell like dirty gym locker coochie and abuses there best friends. He most likely plays fortnite or minecraft because he has no friends. It has no cure and will most likely cause you to have permanent trauma. Stay away from this dirty disease called toxicity.
Friend 1: “Oh my god! It smells so bad over here!”
Friend 2: “Its Pond Scum!! Runn!!!”
by local broski January 2, 2021
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