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1. Ann Coulter is a ridiculously right-wing person, probably the most vile, vitriolic woman to ever have been allowed any amount of air-time on national television (except perhaps Roseanne), and most likely the anti-Christ. A number of books have been crapped out by this "woman" (I tend to think of her as a horse with makeup), none of which bear any resemblance to reality.
2. A generic term for a horrible, horrible person.
1. Try not to stare, dear, that woman can't help it - she's Ann Coulter.

2. So, you're racist, sexist, stupid, and Republican? Gosh, what an Ann Coulter.
by Wambooli June 02, 2005

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v. A method of making certain words cooler.
This involves adding an "urr" sound to a single word, or one word of a phrase.
For example:
1. Usher
2. Up in here
3. Crunk
4. Wassup
5. Over there
6. That's crazy
Once these have become urrified, they look like this:
1. URRsher
2. Up in hURRe
3. CrURRnk
4. WassURRp
5. Over thURRe
6. That's crURRzy

These words have been urrified.
by Wambooli June 28, 2005

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n. Phonetic/slang version of the term knuckle sandwich. Often used to make the speaker sound cool, as to enunciate "sand-wich" often takes away from the overall badassery of a threat involving the knuckle sammich.
Give me a hug before I give you a knuckle sammich.
Go make me a sammich, woman, before I give you a *knuckle* sammich!
Damn, that cat just gave me a knuckle sammich.
by Wambooli June 09, 2005

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1-n. A term for a bodily function in which one begins to hiccup (sounds like "HIC-..."), which fills the lungs with air, then on the release, instead of a painful knotting of the diaphragm muscles as in a normal hiccup, a belch is released. This can result in very impressive belching results, if the timing is perfected.
2-v. To perform said function.
1. Person 1:HIC.... (pause) *BELCH*
Person 2:Dude, that was a nice hic-a-belch. That was like an 8.7!
2. Man, I think I'm about to hic-a-belch.
by Wambooli June 11, 2005

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