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Angell, an all around awesome female. Her tendency of being the most beautiful of all the girls, and queen bitch of the street is really remarkable. Angell is a force to be fearful of.
"I hope one day I'll be as amazing as Angell"
by Thatfoxkid April 25, 2016
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Angell is a sexy sweet girl if u lose her you can't move on she will still in ur heart and never forgotten and u still hold memories of her.Bitches like to talk shit about her because she is so pretty but she don't care she just mind her own business.
How amazing Angell is sexy and sweet
by Love9988_welove January 13, 2018
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A blessed and happy woman who beat breast cancer, loves God, her wonderful husband, her 2 amazing daughters, and Plexus!
by Swedish Angell March 27, 2016
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A young creative soul who has much to live. Angell is a person who is kind generous and is fun to be around of him. Angell has many things that describe hime. If u know an angell make friends he’ll be one of the last who stick around.
did u see “ANGELL” give the homeless man 10 dollars!!!
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by roselin Zamarripa June 26, 2018
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