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When a man takes out the inside of an object most likely a small object like: a small clock,a small flashlight etc. Inside the object the man put in lighter fluid. He puts a little hole in the object so he can put things inside it. Before he is about to have sex he lights the lighter fluid inside the object on fire. Then when the man is fucking her, he puts the object inside of her, sticks pot in the hole he made, and smokes pot into the hole in a an object in her pussy. Meanwhile, the woman has a clock on fire in her pussy. The man must also do this while getting annulled from a boy under 15, and be fisting two girls with both of his hands.
O shit, that woman just had an insider.

Diana said,"I went to the hospital for 5 days because my byfreind gave me an insider."

"Uch, would you stop, your burning up in my stomach."

I gave my girlfreind an inisder and she said, "i liked a dirty sanchez more than that."
by Hugo Dicman The 3rd March 05, 2009
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