The act of hiding for several hours in a closet or similar place.
"Ashley went full Anne Frank last night and hid in that closet for 3 hours while the cops searched the place!"
by thatonekid999 December 19, 2016
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hide and go seek champion 1941-1944, just recently beat by Osama bin Laden
Anne Frank was the Hide and Go seek champion until May 1, 2011.
by btfleming May 2, 2011
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vb. to hide from authority aka police, parents, teachers
Anne Frankin'- hiding
Anne Franked - hid
The other night my friends and i anne franked in this kids room so his grandmother couldn't find us
by tint October 23, 2005
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The act of silencing yourself during a bowel movement when another party enters a public restroom.
"What took so long?"

"Someone came in and I was Anne Frankin' it until he left."
by Gunnar Flannigan February 25, 2014
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Anne Frank was a young German-Jew girl. This girl has more intelligence than most girls today. She went into hiding to escape from the horrors of the Nazi's and Hitler. She was a girl just like every other girl...she liked to flirt, and she liked to be the center of attention. She had dreams and goals. Of course, that was wrecked when somebody revealed their "Secret Annex". She was sent to Auschwitz when the Gestapo came in and took them away. After that, Anne and her sister Margot got sent to Bergen-Belsen where they died a couple days within each other.
I think giving an example of Anne Frank is the dumbest thing i have ever heard of.
by up_yours March 3, 2008
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A small room or attic located in a home. Also a verb describing the act of placing things in an attic.
Joshy, can you Anne Frank these Christmas decorations until next year?
by TheeFORDO December 23, 2009
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When someone abuses the purpose of texting by writing his or her life story every time they text you and confuses texting with a dear diary entry.
"Listen Anne Frank, I just wanted to know whether or not you were coming with us to the movies. A yes or no would have worked just fine."
by REmilio February 10, 2014
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