Assisted Suicide is part of the pro-choice political view. It allows the terminally ill to have the option of ending their life by being induced with a legal drug. Elderly that are NOT terminally ill but have some kind of disorder, etc, are considered for this option as well.
person 1: That man just found out he is going to die in 3 weeks.

person 2: Does he have the option of assisted suicide?

person 1: He asked, but they don't allow it here.
by Velma F. July 21, 2006
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When you have your balls played with by another person while you jack off
(her) "I dont want to have sex" (him) "Well how about a little assisted suicide?"
by Travlin September 20, 2010
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I mean... You told them to leave, so... There you go! They left.
Hym “Why the assisted suicide? Because if you don’t make $200,000 an hour making fun of retards and telling people that the sky is blue and you’re not the nepotistic offspring of some high achieving fraud, life is actually pretty miserable. I know that this is a shock to you but the reason that you are getting all of the violence and suicide is that if things aren’t going your way, there is literally no reason not to take it out on the world and/or hard-reset and re-roll your character. At least they didn’t shoot you kids in the face.” 🤷 ♂️
by Hym Iam October 16, 2022
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Code phrase for a murder that was staged to look like a suicide.
Person 1:
How did the victim die?

Person 2:
Likely assisted suicide. It was set up to look like the person shot themselves in the left temple, however they are right handed.
by JacoPirate February 15, 2010
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A suicide wank caused by action of a third party, primarily a cockroach.
When you are having a wank, but a cockroach come flying at you, so you shout out "Mom" or "Dad", so you try and finish the job, fueled by fear and for not being a quitter before the cockroach land on your dick or they get into your room!
My friend did a suicide wank and won!!! Minus point for being an assisted suicide wank kind!!
by DopeDoge May 13, 2020
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An elderly person's planning of his own death to correspond to when the money runs out.
I'm gonna commit accountant-assisted suicide way before I turn 90.
by brontosplachna January 4, 2014
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