The only show on TV where you can watch skeleton's FIGHT.

The only healthy, voluptuous person on that show, ironically, happens to be Tyra Banks!
I love America's next Top Model but I think Tyra should retire it and continue with her talk show.
by twistedbabydoll June 5, 2007
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A reality TV show where women compete for a career in the modeling industry.

Hosted by Tyra Banks, America's next top model premiered in May of 2003.

And we are all very sorry... because the premiere of this show is proof that having absolutely no real skill can get you to the "top".

Hence "america's next top model".

But your only at the top until the next season starts a few months later.
america's next top model characters:

Benny Ninja: Give me a calender style pose!!!

Talentless model: *thinks for a second*

*Makes a pose she thought up of in that instance*


Talentless model: Uhh... yeah thats what I meant to do.

Thank you!

Benny Ninja: Now let's try Catalogue!
by r0nn April 26, 2008
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-Reality show hosted by African American supermodel Tyra Banks which airs on UPN where females aged 17-30 audition for a chance to be a model and get a contract with make-up company CoverGirl.

-Contestants audition throughout several cities like American Idol and based on looks and some tests like how they walk, some are selected to the show.

-Final contestants live together for a couple months and travel to places, sometimes internationally to perform model shoots which each have some special stipulation ie you have to pose with a tarantula on you, you have to pose nude.

-Each week the contestants pictures taken that week are judged and usually one person is eliminated who "doesn't seem to be model material."

-Goes by the term "cycle" instead of "season" like most TV shows.

-Previous winners so far have been...
Cycle 1:Adrienne Curry
Cycle 2:Yoanna House
Cycle 3:Eva Pigford
Cycle 4:Naima mora
Ex. Some of the judges on America's Next Top Model are even more blunt about what they think of the would-be model contestants than Simon Cowell is with singer would-bes on American Idol.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 15, 2005
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The best reality tv show ever! Hosted by (tyra banks)
I wonder who's gonna be eliminated next from america's next top model...
by Antm fan March 17, 2005
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A good show, that it's very repetitive. A lot of hoochie-mamas trying to be models when they can't even do their little turn on the cat walk, yeah on the cat walk they can't even do their little turns on the cat walk. They think their too sexy for their cats, too sexy for their cats, so sexy it hurts. ooh yeah, good show by the way, I watch it, you got a problem? I like how Tyra Banks tried to be all Oprahish when she yelled at that crack-head, ghetto hoochie of Tiffany, like she cares, ha!
same thing over and over:"Congratulations, you are now one step closer towards becoming America's next top model." what will you do, coke or pepsi?
America's next top model winners:
1st year winner: Adrian, now too fat to model,was on Surreal lif eand now fucks Peter Brady.
2nd year winner: joanna or Johanna, I thought she was pale, I don't know if she models still.(Mercedez should have won, she has Lupus for god's sakes, naw, Shandy should have won, but she fucked this Italian dude, and turned into shit.
3rd year: Eva pigford,Pig for what? for that ho, oh hell no!
4th year: Go Naima, its your Bithday!She has a twin.
5th year:I hate that bitch Lisa, and that bitch Kim is so arrogant and so Lesbian,Nicole too pale. My prediction: Bre and Nik, showdown, winner:?
they always kick out the "fat" models.

by too sexy October 23, 2005
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Another lame reality show in which whiny, unattractive, anorexic, drama queens compete with each other to be America's Next Top Model....for the few months. They constantly bitch and complain about what they have to do for photo shoots and frequently fight amongst themselves for no reason at all. In addition, very few of these girls are even attractive. Ironically the few cute girls on the show are always the ones that get kicked off.

The winner of ANTM never really actually becomes a "top model", they get some publicity for a few months, then they quickly fade into oblivion.
Q: Wow another season of America's next top model, whatever happened to whats her name who won last season?
A: She's a fat coke head now

Again, the cutest girl left on ANTM got kicked off last night; I guess she wasn't skinny enough.

Last night on ANTM, two girls were fighting over a Saltine and one ended up having a nervous breakdown.
by CJE November 23, 2007
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