She Is the girl that you always dreamed of meeting in the future she is trustworthy,kind,smart,and pretty a naima is someone you would never to be able to let go of once you meet her she can sometimes be a little crazy but no one really minds
I really hope I could find a naima one day
by Shalay December 31, 2019
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Naima is an amazing, beautiful, funny girl! She is generous, caring, and kind. She may seem shy but once you get to know her she will blow your mind. You will never meet someone like Naima twice. She is one of a kind. She would never let anyone walk over her or her loved ones. She's great for advice or just a shoulder to cry on. Naima is honest and would never stab you in the back. If you ever get a chance to be with someone like Naima then never let that go. Once you lose her, you never live again.
by Naima' sliver September 29, 2016
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A Naima is a person who you can't help but feel special when you're with- who will always, no matter what's happening, make you feel like the most important person in the world. She is always looking for new ways to make a bigger impact in the world and will prove to be the most important part of so many different lives. Her selflessness in only overshadowed by her humility and her genius, and whether conscious or not, every person around her will be their best selves because of her impact on them.

A Naima is strong, a Naima is beautiful, and a Naima is one-of-a-kind.
Person 1: Hey, did you meet Naima?
Person 2: Oh I don't deserve to meet Naima.
by ip1988 December 7, 2018
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naima is beautiful. she's the funniest girl out there. she's funny when she's angry but she can beat up bare ppl. most boys are scared of her and show her respect. shes peng af and doesn't care what people say about her. if u violate her get ready to b fucked because she knows how to fire her comebacks. shes amazing she makes people laugh and her laugh is goofy. she is amazing at every subject. sometimes she will shout at the teacher or other students in the class
have you seen naima the boys practically cleared a path for her. she's amazing man
by pengtingtruths January 23, 2019
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Naima is the most loyal person you'll meet, she will never let you down, don't ever hurt her or you'll be very sorry about it. She has a great personality and she known for her beauty, Naima is a rare name and if you meet a Naima love her for who she is he loyal to her and treat her well!!
Omg shes so pretty she just be a Naima
by pepperrrrrrrre360 March 9, 2019
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A beautiful, East African princess. She is the type of person that exudes confidence but is nonetheless humble by nature. She is quite the leader and has an amazing personality to account for it. Not only does Naima excel in academics, but she is also a self-proclaimed activist. Being extraordinary is simply inherent to her.

She may be stubborn, but when she loves, she loves hard and fast. Be yourself around a Naima because she can detect lies from a mile away. But more importantly, love a Naima because she will complete you-- like yin and yang-- Bonnie & Clyde.
Guy 1: "Hey, did you build up the nerve to go ask Naima out?"

Guy 2: "Are you kidding me, Naima is way out of my league! Besides, I rather just admire her from afar."

Guy 3: "Well one thing's for sure, she is definitely out of your league!"
by cruisingforabruising November 9, 2021
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She is one type of girl you can’t replace she love to help people even if she know they talk bad about her she will take the time to help no matter. If she love you she mean it
Naima: tell what up I here to listen if you need time I can wait. Don’t be scared to talk to me
by NaimaLubin2 November 21, 2021
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