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Naima is an amazing, beautiful, funny girl! She is generous, caring, and kind. She may seem shy but once you get to know her she will blow your mind. You will never meet someone like Naima twice. She is one of a kind. She would never let anyone walk over her or her loved ones. She's great for advice or just a shoulder to cry on. Naima is honest and would never stab you in the back. If you ever get a chance to be with someone like Naima then never let that go. Once you lose her, you never live again.
by Naima' sliver September 30, 2016
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Is the most beautiful girl anyone has ever seen. she's hyper, crazy, funny, and always makes you smile no matter what.
There goes NAIMA
by iaintyo March 23, 2010
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Naima, a word. a name that i will remember rest of my life. Naima, I really love you. You are my first and only love.
You rejected me, you hurt me but that doesnt reduce a bit of my love to you. I will always have desire in my heart to be with you. Some people are not lucky enough to get what they love most. I am just one of them.
by sa December 27, 2004
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50 cent's cousin, the coolest person ever!a masochistic, who is ADD positive...{she is beautiful and intelligent}, once "(not)" related to JFO.
naima, naima, naima...
by really awesome girl April 15, 2005
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The girl in your school who has so many friends and never shuts up, but complains at home she has no friends.
"Dude my sis Naima is such a hypocrite!"
by [ ] October 15, 2017
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a girl who always thinks shes on top of the world when she's really not. She always thinks she is better than anyone else and she is the biggest backstabber ever. Shhe is very sexual and does not care about others.
'Look at her, the way she puts everyone down.'
'Yeah, that must be a naima'
by Laxjak August 23, 2011
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So freakin hot and has a big butt with big boobs! Really chill and is so nice .. i want to fuck her
Person 1: Of course Naima is thicc as hell ;)

Person 2: I should hit it from the back ya know?

Person 1: She has big tits and a perfect ass oh geez but sometimes her attitude ._.

Person 2: But that ass!! She is nice bro u gotta just treat her right she'll let you have a little tap
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by tillersfav_ June 09, 2018
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