A international high fashion supermodel. Like Gemma Ward, Lily Cole, Natasha Poly and other models. Only a few model succeed in becoming a top model. The true term for word model would only consider to be high fashion model.
Top model, Supermodel, big model, high fashion model
by natedfads October 5, 2007
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A female who excells in the art of giving top. One who is exceptional in delivering fellatio.
Im bout to call my top model ova.
by Mossberg July 11, 2006
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Head from a female with straight hair to a male.
That asian jaun is bout to give me top model, early.
by JayJaySmoothe December 20, 2005
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The only show on TV where you can watch skeleton's FIGHT.

The only healthy, voluptuous person on that show, ironically, happens to be Tyra Banks!
I love America's next Top Model but I think Tyra should retire it and continue with her talk show.
by twistedbabydoll June 5, 2007
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A reality TV show where women compete for a career in the modeling industry.

Hosted by Tyra Banks, America's next top model premiered in May of 2003.

And we are all very sorry... because the premiere of this show is proof that having absolutely no real skill can get you to the "top".

Hence "america's next top model".

But your only at the top until the next season starts a few months later.
america's next top model characters:

Benny Ninja: Give me a calender style pose!!!

Talentless model: *thinks for a second*

*Makes a pose she thought up of in that instance*


Talentless model: Uhh... yeah thats what I meant to do.

Thank you!

Benny Ninja: Now let's try Catalogue!
by r0nn April 26, 2008
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-Reality show hosted by African American supermodel Tyra Banks which airs on UPN where females aged 17-30 audition for a chance to be a model and get a contract with make-up company CoverGirl.

-Contestants audition throughout several cities like American Idol and based on looks and some tests like how they walk, some are selected to the show.

-Final contestants live together for a couple months and travel to places, sometimes internationally to perform model shoots which each have some special stipulation ie you have to pose with a tarantula on you, you have to pose nude.

-Each week the contestants pictures taken that week are judged and usually one person is eliminated who "doesn't seem to be model material."

-Goes by the term "cycle" instead of "season" like most TV shows.

-Previous winners so far have been...
Cycle 1:Adrienne Curry
Cycle 2:Yoanna House
Cycle 3:Eva Pigford
Cycle 4:Naima mora
Ex. Some of the judges on America's Next Top Model are even more blunt about what they think of the would-be model contestants than Simon Cowell is with singer would-bes on American Idol.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 15, 2005
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