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A person who poses for photographs, usually to sell clothing or products. Makes for some interesting Reality TV.

Yeah, a lot of models ARE airbrushed--but it's ignorant to say that "OMG SHE'S SKINNY SHE MUST BE BULIMIC." There's nothing wrong w/ being a little skinny, the same way there's nothing wrong with being a little overweight. People should stop hating on skinny people.
Normal person: Did you watch America's Next Top Model yesterday?
Ignorant moron: WHAT? SO I CAN SEE SOME LAME ANERZIXC GIRL? No way!! I'm fat and proud!!!!
Normal person: Er, okay then..o___O
by ANTM fan November 10, 2004

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The best reality tv show ever! Hosted by (tyra banks)
I wonder who's gonna be eliminated next from america's next top model...
by Antm fan March 16, 2005

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