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A good show, that it's very repetitive. A lot of hoochie-mamas trying to be models when they can't even do their little turn on the cat walk, yeah on the cat walk they can't even do their little turns on the cat walk. They think their too sexy for their cats, too sexy for their cats, so sexy it hurts. ooh yeah, good show by the way, I watch it, you got a problem? I like how Tyra Banks tried to be all Oprahish when she yelled at that crack-head, ghetto hoochie of Tiffany, like she cares, ha!
same thing over and over:"Congratulations, you are now one step closer towards becoming America's next top model." what will you do, coke or pepsi?
America's next top model winners:
1st year winner: Adrian, now too fat to model,was on Surreal lif eand now fucks Peter Brady.
2nd year winner: joanna or Johanna, I thought she was pale, I don't know if she models still.(Mercedez should have won, she has Lupus for god's sakes, naw, Shandy should have won, but she fucked this Italian dude, and turned into shit.
3rd year: Eva pigford,Pig for what? for that ho, oh hell no!
4th year: Go Naima, its your Bithday!She has a twin.
5th year:I hate that bitch Lisa, and that bitch Kim is so arrogant and so Lesbian,Nicole too pale. My prediction: Bre and Nik, showdown, winner:?
they always kick out the "fat" models.

by too sexy October 23, 2005

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