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A gay Republican senator who has a wide stance when using the bathroom.
Bob: Did you hear what Larry Craig told the cops when he was accused of trying to solicit bathroom sex with an undercover officer in the adjacent stall?

Tom: No I didn't, what did he say?

Bob: He said he just has a "wide stance"

Tom: That's bullshit.
by CJE October 04, 2007

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Another lame reality show in which whiny, unattractive, anorexic, drama queens compete with each other to be America's Next Top Model....for the few months. They constantly bitch and complain about what they have to do for photo shoots and frequently fight amongst themselves for no reason at all. In addition, very few of these girls are even attractive. Ironically the few cute girls on the show are always the ones that get kicked off.

The winner of ANTM never really actually becomes a "top model", they get some publicity for a few months, then they quickly fade into oblivion.
Q: Wow another season of America's next top model, whatever happened to whats her name who won last season?
A: She's a fat coke head now

Again, the cutest girl left on ANTM got kicked off last night; I guess she wasn't skinny enough.

Last night on ANTM, two girls were fighting over a Saltine and one ended up having a nervous breakdown.
by CJE November 23, 2007

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An evil company that is trying to take over the world by building stores where people don't want them. They also run smaller stores out of town and bring crime and traffic everywhere they build.

Additionally, eventhough they are one of the richest companies in the world, they treat their employees like crap and don't offer them adequate benefits. To save more money they hire illegal immigrants.
"It used to take me 10 minutes to get home. Now that Walmart is there, it takes me 3 times as long."

"Our town used to be a quiet nice area to live until that Wal-mart was built here."

"In our town Hall meeting, everyone said that they didn't want Wal-mart in our town, but they built it anyway."
by CJE September 02, 2007

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