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German, meaning "health". Used to wish someone "health" after sneezing. It has been exported, but seems primarily to be used in the US. Similar is "bless you"



You get the idea.
by Richter September 07, 2003

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1. A lawyer specialising in personal injury claims usually representing people against local authorities or large companies.

2. Derogative description for a personal injury lawyer who specifically seeks out clients for tripping and slipping cases against big companies. Certainly in the US, this is because the lawyer's fee will be a percentage of the client's damages award - therefore making it profitable to find injured former employees of big companies.
1. Q: What sort of practice is it?
A: Oh, he's an ambulance chaser.

2. A: "That guy who got his arm
mangled up in our machine is suing"
B: "Who's he got?"
A: "Some ambulance chaser."
by Richter September 20, 2003

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To make a sacrifice for the good of others. Originally a military term for when a junior officer would deliberately fall to cover a grenade - the explosion from which would kill a far greater number of his side if he didn't. In particular, it would be when a junior officer would make this sacrifice for a senior one - to protect the commanding officer for the benefit (supposedly) of the army.

Its meaning has been expanded to cover things like taking the blame for a team-fuckup (eg. at work) or humpin a dawg so (as said above) your mates can get into the pretty ones.
by Richter September 25, 2003

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American tradition - equiavent to a British end of year ball, but more crass.

Essentially an excuse to get pissed and try desperately to get laid.

Good luck guys.
by Richter September 25, 2003

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1. The end of your relationship.

2. Something that could mean the end of your relationship unless you take it REALLY seriously.

3. I'm going to leave you Richter, you never have any time for me... Bitch. Didn't figure my work was paying for her fuckin- Ah. Sorry.
by Richter September 21, 2003

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Don't become a stranger. Usually said between friends when parting in anticipation of not seeing one another for a long time - when moving house, for example.

Is also often as a joke after marriage - warning the couple not to lose touch with their friends after becoming so attached - normally between men.
by Richter September 20, 2003

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Euphamism: "So, would you like sex with me?"
No. No I wouldn't.
by Richter September 25, 2003

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