An awesome girl who's worth recovery and success. (:
Amana, you are an awesome person and I love you so so so much!
by Imahmazing101 April 22, 2018
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A girl who cares about you. Because she likes you.
Bff: you know Diana... I might be with amana now.
by girlygirlU3 January 18, 2017
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Acting like the once successful guitarist of Malice Mizer and "Me Ten Months" (?).
It can entail doing a number of things.
Doing a Mana;

Going Solo.

Not speaking in public.

Expressing yourself with irritating highly exagerated gothic hand gestures.

Caking the bake-up on.

Playing organ on the loo.

Writing over 20 songs which all include the same riff somewhere in there.

Scribbling x's on your forhead.

Screaming "dix".

Writing some pretty impressive industrial styled music.

Wicked at play classical/ baroque style guitar.

Having a demented ego.
by SakuraMusic May 24, 2007
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