When someone unexpectedly walks in or when you drop a towel in a changing room and sees your Bush in all its glory.
"Jessica's brother walked in when I was using the bathroom at her house. I was mid pee and jumped up, he amBushed me. I should have shaved."
by urbanderivative January 16, 2010
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"There was an ambush at the anime expo"
by LitenAlskare September 23, 2017
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an ambusher is one who slips their hand down your pants before you can debate or make a decision about it.
Stacy is a known ambusher.
by Laurag8705 May 25, 2004
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When you go to a party, and there are already numerous amounts of members that are not of your preference.
Dude I went to Jessica's party last night and got ambushed.
by Tromedlov Stanton January 10, 2015
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a play on words denoting an instance where one places a phone call, or sends a text or email, while intoxicated on Ambien.
I chased an Ambien with a Mimosa and then Ambushed Eric with a phone call telling him how much I loved him.
by Crackapleez May 4, 2010
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To call an unknowing third party onto a conference call with no warning.
Those fuckers called me to gang up on me and didn't give me warning it was a conference call. They ambushed me.
by Chosney September 11, 2003
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military term killingzone
we where in an ambush and i was so scared
by andymacnab November 1, 2003
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