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A person with President Baby syndrome is selfish, throws tantrums when criticized, complains constantly, is obsessed with money, doesn't believe rules should apply to him, and is the president of a sovereign country. This is a specific form of King Baby syndrome, a common term in the addiction recovery field. Some psychologists, in fact, believe that President Baby syndrome is a consequence of when King Baby syndrome is suffered by a critical number of individual voters.
Dunno about you but I'm not looking forward to at least four years of normalized President Baby syndrome.
by Wilma Auld January 05, 2017

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A Hebrew term for "Zionist Christian." From נ"צ (natz), an abbreviation of נצרות ציונית (natzrut tsionit), meaning "Zionist Christianity", plus the suffix -י (-i).
Most American Jews don't vote Republican, but plenty of Natzis do.
by Wilma Auld March 11, 2019

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