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Press "Alt-F4" in World of Warcraft to make your mage cast a vanishing spell.
Alt F4 is a vanishing spell! It really works! Try it; it really makes things disappear. I shit you not.
by spinaltapsoundguy May 01, 2010
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Key combination used to trick people into closing web programs.
Yo man! Hit AltF4 to see my website!
by BryanC August 27, 2005
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It makes you win.
Lol dude. I was in the middle of this game on the computer and I was so close to winning 1million dollars.!
Than I pressed Alt F4 and i totally won...
by I are teh hax March 06, 2009
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NOT a way to get extra armour in World of Warcraft.
Uberpwnage124: Hey, press alt-f4 to get more amour ololz!

Assraeper01010l0l0lzzzz: k!!!

Assraeper01010l0l0lzzzz has logged off.

Uberpwnage124: Haha UBER LEWS0R ololololol!
by Ekig April 05, 2010
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Used when person, website or anything is giving you too much infomation.

Used when walking out of a room or going to bed, or having time out, switching off from exterior stimulus.

Used when feeling vague, tired or absent minded.

used when closing PC computer programs.

" I'm so ALT-F4 right now "
by The Buhck Boys September 14, 2007
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It's a combination of letters on your keyboard that you use on your friend to piss them off.
Guy1(on laptop)

Guy2:"clicks alt f4 and deletes the page Guy1 was on"
Guy2: ha ha get prank bro you must get of that loli henti.
by Daggermaster9900 December 06, 2018
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