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A friend who is good at math, and who will let you copy his answers, because he's a bro, and that's what bros do for other bros Usually AZN.
"Yo, Chan Lee, what is a variable?"

"How about you just copy my answers."

"Thanks Chan, way to be an algebro!"
by rawbroccoli April 21, 2009
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A male high school student who is good at algebra and was placed in one of the top math classes at his school. Because he is good at memorizing rules and formulas and because he can solve equations accurately and compute the correct answer every time, he believes that he is smart and good at "math", without realizing that he doesn't even know what mathematics really is. He probably takes the hardest math classes in high school because he wants to make a lot of money in a high-paying engineering field some day, thus making him doubly a "bro". Cares little for the abstract logic or formal proof important in real math
"Thomas doesn't even care about the proof that shows why the derivative of sin(x) is cos(x). He just wants to plug and chug like a typical algebro."
by undefinable March 15, 2015
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