really sweet and caring guy and always knows how to make people smile.
alen made me smile today
by PeekaBoo15 March 30, 2011
A super cool bosnian. Usually plays soccer, and is really fucking good at it. Dresses like a O.G. Original Gangster, screw the new, dresses like the original.
Bosnian. OppositeOfASerb. Bosna. Bosnia. alen
by LudBosanac14 December 16, 2009
in love with a beautiful girl known as adelina. princess.
alen is in love
by ji hebdbsw February 24, 2019
Yeeting somones dick.
I alen his pp.
by Brrrrrrrrrrrr April 23, 2020
Really sweet and caring, loves technology, protective of friends and family.
Alen was really nice to me over the computer.
by George Warsh February 17, 2018
Hot asf.
Always nice and kind. Good in bed. has a lot of friends and loves them. Many Girls are after alens. Balkan boy
Guy 1: yesterday a guy ,,loved'' me so hard. It was amazing

Guy 2: It was a boy named alen, no?
by Alen17xD January 2, 2017