A boy that can be sneaky but also can be a darling whenever he wants to. He tries his best to get out of trouble and jokes around a lot
Me: “Akeem, did you eat my cupcake?!”

Akeem: “Noo, the cupcake monster did”

Me: “Akeem stop playing with me, smh"
by Bruh🙄 October 30, 2019
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AKeem is a very sweet boy and has very good looks . Akeem known as a nice loyal person .he always has a girlfriend he treats them right.
by Lovelike November 25, 2018
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Akeem is a beautiful human being who had a huge willy he’s loyal and never cheats if he had a girl he know how to treat his girl right and is great at treating his girl when she is on her period Akeem is such an amazing loving caring and understanding person but his best feature is his huge willy
Omg it’s Akeem I’ve heard his willy game is strong
by This Likkle sexy bitch October 11, 2019
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The freshest person in the world, no one can touch him. If it wasn't for physics and law enforcement he'd be unstoppable
I wanna be just like Akeem when I grow up.
by Russell BlueBird February 4, 2010
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Akeem is a person who is very appealing to the eyes with a very lengthy companion he likes to call buddy. He usually stresses over a wonky moustache even though is perfectly fine. Catch him walking to the brothel and you may get ur head took off
Nicole threatens AKEEM that if he ever ever ever tries it AKEEM can always be a dead man.
by nicoleeeeeey2306 November 7, 2018
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An island boi (from the virgin islands)
A person who always says “OOOOOh WEEEEE” to enhance the energy of a crowd at the party.

A person who always wears a super small wife beater.

When a person doesnt know the lyrics to the song but tries to make it look like they do by falsely singing along.
Damn bro you akeeming this song!!!!

You akeeming that tshirt bro you know its too small.
by bigbtchcarl March 28, 2022
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Master of demucking momma.
Akeem spent the entire night demucking momma.
by Duder555 August 5, 2021
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