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To ejaculate on a females face when it was mutually understood it was only ok to ejaculate on her breasts. So you 'accidentally' aimed high.
Man "Can I cum on your tits?"
Woman "Sure, just dont hit my face"
Man "....Oops, my bad ;-)"
by Remo Williams May 07, 2004
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A slogan or motto which can be changed to 'IM HIGH' and then 'I'M HIGH'.
Penshurst Public School: IM HIGH.
by B-Drac August 14, 2003
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The aim high project employed by some try and get delinquent chavs to aim higher in life. Totally pointless and a waste of tax payers money. Most of the little fucks only go on it to get on the annual trip to somewhere like a theme park.
Chav: "I iz on the aim higher thing in it. it'z cos i iz special mofo. You aint on it cos you aint special like i am."

Ordinary Citizen: "Fuck off you chavscum cunt"
by DVMediaChris June 22, 2005
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