Ahern - v.

1. To pump something full of roast beef.

2. To lay a trap, often containing a banana peel.
ex 1. : "Can't talk now, Mom. Me and Jenny are off to ahern our own sausage skins."

ex 2. : "Jesus Christ, Jenny! Why didn't you tell me the neighbors aherned thier driveway."
by Patrick Ahern March 17, 2004
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a white boy trying (often times too hard) to be black

to pretend to be black when you are really a white boy
white boy - "yo yo wassup ma nigga!"
black dude - "stop being such an ahern before i cap yo ass"
by gohomekittyfat November 9, 2008
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To purposely eat something that causes excessive gas and then proceed to expose the noxious fumes upon the public at large.
I was was vastly under-prepared for the test therefore my only course of action was to ahern the lecture hall and hope that the professor evacuated us.
by Snifro March 29, 2016
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To get hit in the face with a shovel.
Did you hear about that landscaper who aherned the hell out of this kid?
by www.lemonparty.org July 29, 2005
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Most perfect guy you’ll ever meet. Handsome, kind, caring, funny and the most perfect boyfriend ever. He’s an absolute keeper, a bfgb - big friendly giant boyfriend
by I-love-you/dude October 13, 2019
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Perfect in every single way. Kind, handsome, caring, funny and gives the best cuddles. Absolute keeper. The best guy you will ever meet complete boyfriend material. BFGB -big friendly giant boyfriend
Dannnnnnmmmm did you see that guy Patrick Aherne
by :))xxxx October 13, 2019
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a short little boy who plays nrl and loves wayne bennet.
HE is Such A Adam Ahern.
by Adam Ahern March 20, 2022
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