to be angry or hostile for no reason
"that pitbull is fuckin' agro"
by lola May 23, 2004
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(verb) To create hostility in others, causing them to attack you. This is frequently seen in MMOG's (massively-multiplayer online games) when a player draws the attention of one or more hostile NPC's (non-player characters) and is attacked by them. Also seen is the "chain agro", where the hostile NPC who was agroed causes the next nearest NPC to also agro on the player, setting up a chain reaction.
"Stay against the left wall to avoid agroing the goblins." "Look at that idiot, he just ran ahead and agroed the whole room."
by Mugsley December 7, 2005
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To be/become agressive/angry/out of control.
"That gummer's comlpetely agro!"
by Crapper McGee January 23, 2004
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Undeserved hostility, one who expresses it, the act of it, etc. Seen in MMORPGs by players to complain about being attacked by a monster without them attacking it first. Can be a noun, verb, adjective, possibly adverb.
"Someone kill this agro!"
"Someone kill this agro zombie!"
"This zombie is attacking me agro"
by junkyardprince October 14, 2003
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1)to go crazy
2)pugnacious, craving for a fight
by bigrattus June 6, 2003
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