From the genus "agricultural" . . . To flip out with anger like an agry farmer with a big tractor.
He went agro on us.
by angelalines June 24, 2009
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To aggrivate or antagonize someone, be it intentional or otherwise.
I agroed Hayley when I treid going backdoor on her without doing any prep work
by Dcarrie February 04, 2008
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Short for Aggravation. The annoyance a partner gives you while your trying to play MMORPG games such as World of Warcraft (WOW), which distracts you from the game.
Me: "Wow I'm under attack by 10 people at once, going to take some work to get through this one alive"

Partner: "So when are you going to take the bin out, can you do it now, why hasn't it been done already, surely you can just pause it"

Me: "Stop giving me Agro Bitch"
by MixtLupus2 October 02, 2009
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To violently beat the living shit out of anyone or anything that pisses you off.
If you don't pass the pipe I'm gonna go agro on your ass.
by Rhynoo July 07, 2005
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when someone gets aggravated or annoyed in general
PERSON 1 "Fuck off man. Your wet!"
PERSON 2 "Why you gettin agro
by Mr Jhon March 24, 2017
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