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Can also be used as a question, meaning "really?"
"Man, this sucks."


"I just got a new car!"
by inkdrinker April 24, 2003

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Popularized by Russian comic Yakov Smirnoff - degenerated into internet cliche.
If, in America, x does y to z, in Soviet Russia, z does y to x.
In Soviet Russia, words define YOU!
by inkdrinker June 30, 2004

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To be put in one's place, whether in the form of a humiliating insult, beating, or other form of defeat.
"Oh, you came in here all arrogant, but you got TOLD!"
by inkdrinker April 24, 2003

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hip-hop origins taken from the word mercenary.
1. To leave.
2. To kill.
1. I'm about to merc, I say "peace" to the family. - Mos Def
2. Or mercin' the president live on Channel 7 - Non Phixion
by inkdrinker January 01, 2005

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One who avoids mandatory military service by leaving the country or securing a questionable deferrment.
GW Bush used his dad's connections to get into the Texas Air National Guard during Vietnam (and subsequently went AWOL.) Therefore, he is a draft dodger.
by inkdrinker December 26, 2003

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Misspelled. See aggro.
People can't spell "aggro" right.
by inkdrinker December 08, 2004

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Old slang (dating at least as far back as 1927) meaning "girlfriend." Preferable in some ways for implying that she's not the only girlfriend, just your best.
"I was necking at the drive-in with my best girl."
by inkdrinker January 16, 2004

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