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hip-hop origins taken from the word mercenary.
1. To leave.
2. To kill.
1. I'm about to merc, I say "peace" to the family. - Mos Def
2. Or mercin' the president live on Channel 7 - Non Phixion
by inkdrinker January 2, 2005
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"You should have made it to the concert last night! It was most beast!"
by inkdrinker January 17, 2004
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Misspelled. See merc, short for "mercenary." Merc means to leave or to kill.
"I killed that guy in the swamp."
"You mean you merced him in the murk?"
by inkdrinker April 23, 2005
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n., The act of forcing another into undesired and unnanounced trips or activities by means of being the provider of transportation.
"Hey, don't blame me. Not like I WANTED to see Event Horizon. It was a carnapping!"
by inkdrinker July 22, 2003
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Literally, the inkdrinker-coined "BRB FBI" stands for "be right back; federal bureau of investigation." The implication is that something one has just mentioned is illegal and that the FBI are at the door. Many variants of it are popular at YTMND.
"So how old is your girlfriend anyway?"
"Just 15. Oh shi - BRB FBI."
by inkdrinker November 28, 2005
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Old slang (dating at least as far back as 1927) meaning "girlfriend." Preferable in some ways for implying that she's not the only girlfriend, just your best.
"I was necking at the drive-in with my best girl."
by inkdrinker January 17, 2004
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