Agro - Widely used in MMORPG's. Taking anger from a NPC (non-player character).
Was playing to much WoW, and didn't clean the dishes. Oh boy, am I going to get wife agro tonight or what?
by Xadix June 19, 2008
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a mastermind footballer who plays for the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs. The Pele of the NRL footballing world, a man of little words. btrainben blows many loads over him.
KE: When is agro back
Kenny: *random*
ben: *random*
*conversation turns into a MILF related conversation..
KE: I'd ruin it TBH.
BEN: Like Madonna?
by benkeke March 22, 2009
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A very usable word for a kind of mix between something that is mainly really bad and something that still seemed to be calling for some attention and interest. As a new word, it has been expressed with a kind of aware confusion, blending a variety of meanings given by the context.

Probable origin: Corona del Mar (CA, USA) around 1990.
Oh, that's so agro!
He/She/I is/am so agro.
by Martin O April 24, 2007
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A person is agro when they are spitting mad, screaming, and yelling, and every vein in their head is about to bust!
by monarae July 14, 2008
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Puppet, very inappropriate monobrow monster who only talk whilst having g a overweight white fat mans hand up his arse. Beloved for his time on cartoon connection and his filthy banter with cohost annemarie.
Cartoon arent the same without agro.
by Spahaz donquay March 31, 2020
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To be angry or aggressive for no reason

Common names for this illness are


•Tara •Melissa

Lani •Chloe
“Why are you so agro?”
by Harry Hofmann September 02, 2018
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