For the people that are aggy, they are mad annoying and rude, u just wanna tell them to stfu no cap sis. They be dating all of your friends and dont give af bout what u think bout it
1.) Bitch she/he is aggy as hell, like no one even likes her/him.
by BitchDont@Me February 19, 2020
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Aggy is basically another word for annoying or irratating.
Gosh Angel is always on my case she's so AGGY.
by Angel L. 11111 May 18, 2016
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Noun:To Be Annoying, Frustrating, Or Aggravating.
She is always gettin' on somebody's nerves! She is so aggy!
by YoungChief The Meff a Dondotta September 6, 2007
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Envy or a person who gets upset or irritated with another person
I made a little cash and now you all aggy.
by Kasara June 27, 2007
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E.g. Elena’s attitude gets me mad aggy
by MceeDon March 18, 2018
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A vicious type of Saber-toothed hunchback that inhabits the Ural Mountains. While this is its native habitat Aggys have been known to live outside of Europe even in Australia. One such Aggy was discovered by a famous ex-KGB spy and master of disguise Ryksvell Fyttsgerrg while using the alias Guy Burnside (whereupon he did remark in his video diary "very strange to see Aggy outside Russia will study habits of such an anomily but in meantime continue pretending to be Australian child). As is the cunning nature of an Aggy it had worn down its sabre-teeth and used the pseudonym 'eggy' to diguise it's true nature and fit into a human society. The Aggy is well know throughout eastern Europe for its ferocity and habit of living in caves and being covered in a thin layer of fur. If confronted by an Aggy under no circumstances fight it unprepared as the only way to kill one is with a chiropractor through the heart.
Ryksvell Fyttsgerrg: my god a real Aggy, in Australia?
Eggy (clever hunch disguise for Aggy): wft are you talking about you retard
Ryksvell Fyttsgerrg: very clever Aggy, i'll get you one day
by Hunchyb May 25, 2010
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Aggy can mean anything, although it's usually bad. It was originally used to described something annoying, because it came from the word aggrivating, but now it has evolved into a a word that can be used as pretty much any adjective, good or bad.

Aggy, saggy, mad aggy, mad saggy, agg, sag, mad aggs, mad saggs, agg sag, sag tron (noun),
"Ugh, I hate him! He's so saggy!"

"Your agg sag!"

"OMG thats madd aggy!"
by Sag tron October 11, 2011
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