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When you or a (usually applied to outfits) object or etcetera is simply not giving slaying or giving you life. Mostly said like, "It's not giving what it's supposed to give." The other way is it's giving. Meaning it's giving you life or slayin'.
Person A: "Girlll, that outfit is simply not giving."

Person B: "Damn.."

Person A: "My outfit is giving though."
Person B: "Don't float the boat girl."
by goreimages June 24, 2021
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When you are being over the top, excessive, dramatic, and it's mostly over nothing!
You are doing way too much if someone says you being extra.
Person A: "Yo ass is being too extra over a bag of hot fritos."
Person B: "Bitch, just don't touch my food."
by goreimages June 24, 2021
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Another way to end a sentence or just used to state facts or tea.

It is not in fact made by stupid bitches, Urban Dictionary. It's AAVE, perioddt.
End of discussion.
Person A: "I will drag yo raccoon-looking ass. perioddt."
Person B: "Watch yo tongue."
by goreimages June 24, 2021
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Meaning this is your favorite show to watch, also can apply to movies.

Mostly used in my black household.
Person A: "The show Lucifer is my favorite! Thas my show!"
Person B: "That's cool and all but the Vampire Diaries is my show, personally!"
Person C: "Thas cooo!"
by goreimages June 24, 2021
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Aggy means "aggravated" or "aggravating" or like "irritated" or "irritating."
Person A: "Yo ass is fr aggy."
Person B: "Damn. I see how it is."
by goreimages June 24, 2021
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