1. A hot, often painful dump that follows a meal of spicy food.

2. A hot, slow and often smelly fart that follows a meal of spicy food.
Man, that pepperoni and jalapeno pizza was good last night but the afterburner damn sure kicked in this morning!
by For Whom the Bell Trolls November 10, 2006
A joint smoked at the tail end of a dextromethorphan (DXM) drug trip to reintensify the effects
After robotripping at Sesame Place, me and Big Bird lit up an afterburner and watched the sunset melt in the sky 8-}-~
by Stoned Faux July 27, 2018
A fart that starts quiet then blasts at the end.
Dude - I was at the library, started a quiet fart and thought, what the hell, time to turn on the afterburner.
by RNPS January 5, 2008

1. During sexual intercourse, while assuming the missionary or doggie-style position, the male cums and simultaneously cuts a huge fart while lighting it with a match.
Good for an extra inch or two.
"After Jeremy lit an afterburner, all hell broke loose at the Chi-Alpha Homecoming orgy."
by Clint & Cherise October 28, 2005
When you have too many beans in a given night, you are officially named the Afterburner.
The afterburner, initially man, I'm thinking something to do with cars but I know, I know for a fact this is Urban Dictionary, ladies and gentlemen. It ain't nothing to do with cars.
-MrTLexify, June 12, 2016
by MrTDeadify April 11, 2019
Marijuana, usually in the form of a joint, that is smoked towards the end of a DXM trip which synergizes with and enhances the remainder of the trip (akin to a jet engine igniting its exhaust fumes mixed with fuel to generate an afterburn)
The 2 psychonauts each had an afterburner as their robotrip began to wind down.
by Tachyonosphere May 27, 2008
An afterburner is a drink, made by taking a sip out a 12oz can of keystone and then pouring in a shot of everclear.
Me and James got f***** up drinking afterburners and shot squirrels with pellet guns all afternoon!
by hotshot172737 July 25, 2011