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The act of getting high on cough syrup containing
Dextromethorophan Hyrdobromide (DXM for short)
Robitussin, a popular cough syrup abused, contains DXM, therefore, it is called a "robotrip"
Last night I robotripped my brain away. I was singing and dancing and eating cookies with Big Bird and his pal Snuffleupagus and then I talked to Edgar Allen Poe for an hour or so. Wow, what a great robotrip.
by Tom February 09, 2003
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Term used to describe "tripping" on robotussin cough medicine hence the term ROBO-tripping.

dextromethorphan is the active drug in robotussin and other cough and cold medicines that is sought after for its unique 'buzz'.
I took 300mg's of dxm last nite and robo triped for hours.

i was on a hell of a robo trip last nite.

That robo trip was the most intense ever.
by Eckstahsee December 18, 2003
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most fun i've had with a drug.
when you robotrip, it's likely that if you take high doses (like i like to), you will vomit and feel terrible before you feel good. but when you feel it kick in, it's amazing. it contains DXM just like triple c's, but triple c's always gave me horrible trips where as robotripping was like a trip to candyland or something. the one time i took like...25, after a bit, i had to throw up so i went to the restroom and did that. then i lay in the complete dark of the restroom because the lights kept trying to touch me. i soon crawled into the tub, finding it more comfortable than the tile floor. i started watching a movie that was playing on the ceiling (mind you, i imagined a screen on the ceiling). after the film ended, i went in the living room where my friends were, who were also tripping. i sat down on the couch and after awhile, i started to stare a my arm. i think i was staring for awhile. i don't know, time warps when you're on this stuff. could have been just a minute. anyways, i suddenly transported inside my arm. i was inside my veins surfing my blood. yes, my blood was making tidal waves and i had a surfboard. it was insanely fun. then my friend started talking to me but i couldn't pay attention because she had little gremlin looking creatures dancing on her shoulder.
by ButteredBagels October 30, 2008
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After ingesting large amounts of dextromethorphan, found in over-the-counter cough medication (Robotussin, Vicks 44), a person will begin to robo-trip.

Robo-tripping often involves itchiness, a tell-tale walk, fruitless masturbation marathons, and speech that makes no sense.

Tony: "What the fuck is wrong with him? He keeps rubbing his fucking face, dude, sketchy as hell."

Ahmed: "Nah, it's cool, he does that all the time. He's on a mad robo-trip."

by sanfud n sun April 30, 2006
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To become euphoric by means of intake of Robotussin, usually by chugging a bottle.
Ang was robotripping from here to next week after downing three bottles of robotussin.
by Screevo April 12, 2003
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to intentionally hallucinate by overdosing on over-the-counter cough syrup containing the active ingredient dextromethorphan
Three bottles of Robitussin later, Jason passed out and suffocated on his own vomit. Now that's a bad robotrip.
by trudatdrugcounselor August 25, 2003
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The term used when one experiences a high/hallucinations/euphoria/ by means of deliberately intoxicating themselves with products containing the drug, DXM.
I robo-tripped for the whole weekend and, though I do feel like crap now, I must say it was a good time.
by tatty28 May 04, 2003
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